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Here's a look at my '91 police package, which won COTM for May 2003.


Got bull?

A more recent picture:

Cluster w/ tach:

A few aesthetic mods:


Brake light cutout:


- replaced the head gasket
- replaced the exhaust system
- repaired and retrofitted the air conditioning system (loooooong story)
- replaced all four sets of brake pads and rotors
- replaced the rear suspension - coil springs, struts, stabilizers
- replaced both driveshafts and CV / ball joints
- tranny fluid and filter changed
- parking brake kills rear calipers & rotors; replaced calipers, install kits, clogged brake line, resurfaced rotors
- replaced oil pan gasket
- replaced power steering return hose
- replaced S-belt and hoses

Modifications, performance:

- stock police package engine rated at 155 HP, 220 TQ
- removed air box silencer cone / modified free-flow intake
- 14" Z Racing Wheels paired with 215/70R14 BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires
- Diablo Chip
- Accel performance coil and performance cap & rotor kit
- Bosch platinum plugs and premium 8mm wire set
- K&N filtercharger panel filter
- high-flow mufflers, removed silencer

Modifations, aesthetic / other:

- upgraded in-dash CD to a Panasonic DF800U - 47 watts per channel
- home-built "ghetto" subwoofer project
- Kenwood 3-way 6x9's and JBL 2-way 6 1/2's
- installed new instrument cluster with tach
- applied "3.8L" badges
- fixed up chrome trim
- "TAURUS" brake light stencil (home project)
(all work done by myself except for)
- remote starter security system w/ keyless entry

Mods which never came to be (had parts, lacked time & skillz)

- 66mm Throttle Body
- 80mm MAF

Wishful thinking...

- Supercharger setup ala DMX

Less than a year after I bought this car, the headgaskets blew. After that it was one repair after another, but it turned into a labor of love of sorts, and now I know I'll own it until it finally dies. Cops do a double-take when they realize it was once a police cruiser. Rice boys drop their jaw when the rubber lets loose in a parking lot. At 12+ years of age and 175k miles, she's aging gracefully, and runs like new. Only lost two races, one to a modded 5.0. Off the line, she's tough to beat through first gear, and a lot of fun to drive around town .

My best story was when I taught a guy with a riced out Neon a good lesson. Red light; his car, driver only. Various forms of rice. My car: two people and two big wooden bookshelves. After a moment of squealing tires, he was nothing but a memory.

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Even if the engine (finally) died and the interior had gone to pieces, I would still keep it. The paint scheme and wheels just scream *awesome*. I have no idea how you did it, but you somehow created one of my favorite cars

Of course, what praise do you need? You own it and a gosh darn V8 SHO. I would hate you if I wasn't so incredibly jealous

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May '03 CotM is officially being put to pasture, as terminal rust has made it no longer safe to drive. See post in the discussion forum for details.

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