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Massive Body Damage

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Well, I got a fair amount of bodywork ahead of me. Someone who shall remain nameless,
did a flying dropkick to my car drivers side above and behind the rear wheel and caved it all in about 7 inches. I got most of it out and pounded out most of the remaining little crap. Now I need to finish grinding the paint off, and hose it with primer to keep it form rusting.
Then, I get to bondo and longboard and pray that it's enough. Then I get to try and match up Metallic paint, if not I gotta come up with a few grand to get the F*CK*ER painted! Anyway, just thought it'd be a good update for y'all. CAtch y'all later.

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someone damaged your bull

time to get a rope and dispense some good old fashoned justice

anyway when you get the body damage fixed are you still going to put a hood scoop on, I am all for mods that make you stand out, normal is boring
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