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Massive Body Damage

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Well, I got a fair amount of bodywork ahead of me. Someone who shall remain nameless,
did a flying dropkick to my car drivers side above and behind the rear wheel and caved it all in about 7 inches. I got most of it out and pounded out most of the remaining little crap. Now I need to finish grinding the paint off, and hose it with primer to keep it form rusting.
Then, I get to bondo and longboard and pray that it's enough. Then I get to try and match up Metallic paint, if not I gotta come up with a few grand to get the F*CK*ER painted! Anyway, just thought it'd be a good update for y'all. CAtch y'all later.

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Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, I must have missed it or more likely ain't been on. See a different post in here for reasoning. The comment about someone who shall remain nameless then the masked face, was meant to say(embarassingly I might add) that the culprit was me.
so mad at myself for it, but hey. Someone however has tried jacking the system 3 times. First time they got into the car, and got the deck out but realized the faceplate case was empty, dropped the whole thing and ran. Second time they tried prying into the trunk, which failed, and then the last time was the same thing again, except I think they manage to get in, because I found one of my subs upside down, face down, which destroyed the speaker. Considering that particular box was in the way of the amp..........However, with 14 bolts holding that amp down, to the steel structure, good luck getting it out w/o a crowbar. Then today, the other sub fried BAD. So I ended up replacing the two with a single Pioneer IIMP speaker, which is actually doing really well. I plan on getting a matching one when I have the money, I got it brand new in box for 20 bucks, it's a 10" sub. I had no idea walmart haggled in that department. The walmart here by the way sells both low end and high end stereo equipment. So friend gave me his alarm today since their truck rarely leaves their site and he has another alarm on the way, and I finally was able to install the alarm, since the other have broke up with me. Anyway, hopefully this helps to clear some things up and keep y'all up to date.

Be safe all
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I know. Probably will be awhile, thanks to the now ex, I have no idea how I am going to be able to afford to keep the car on the road let alone fix it until work picks up full time, at which time I won't have the time to work on it. 7 days a week, 12 hours a day kills ya for time.

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