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Many Problems With 93 Gl

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Hey guys, the bearing on my 92 SHO AC compressor seized. So my sister was really nice and let me borrow her extra car, which is a 93 GL with about 170k on it. IT doesn't run good at all. The idle is super erratic, but once you start going it seems ok. The CE light came on, on my way home from work. Pulled the codes, and now I need some help deciphering them. Here is the list of codes I got.

136 - Oxygen sensor not switching/system lean Left or Front HO2S

167 - 167 No Throttle Position sensor change in "goose" test (must get at least 25% rotation)

172 - Oxygen sensor not switching - system is or was lean - Single Right or Rear HO2S

176 - Oxygen sensor not switching - system is or was lean Left or Front HO2S

211 - Ignition PIP signal was erratic or missing

326 - Pressure Feedback EGR shows low pressure EGR not seating or not seating intermittantly

411 - Idle speed system not controlling idle properly (generally idle too high)

412 - Idle speed system not controlling idle properly (generally idle too low)

536 - Brake On Off open or shorted to ground

Now the 167 and the 536 are because I didn't do the goose test right. Oh and the KOEO codes were 172, 176, 211, 326. KOER were 412, 172, 136, 411, 167, 536. To me, it seems like theres a problem with the EGR not working right, and probably some vacuum leaks maybe that is causing the lean condition. I could be wrong though. Let me know what you guys think. TIA!!
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On the surface, I'd swap the EGR and O2 sensor, then clear the codes and start over. But first I'd make sure the plugs and air filter looked good and, if it's been a long time since the fuel filter had been changed, I'd do that too.
Check your battery terminals, make sure that they're connected properly, and then check to make sure that all your grounds are intact. AFter that's complete, clear all the codes (use a scan tool, or remove the paperclip during the KOEO readout), and then drive the car. All the legitimate codes will reappear, and then go from there.

I had a low voltage situation once that set every code in the book like that.

Oh, and if 211 is legit, and you have a Vulcan, your ignition module may be headed out.
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