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So here is the list I am going through.
My car currently has 100K of mixed miles, more city so.. eh 130ish if you account wear
Problem parts and replacements needed:
I am leaking water from the Timing cover, outside of the engine on the rear bank, probably about 1/5 a gallon per 40 - 70 miles depending on weather. Is there like a quick fix, maybe seal it with some RTV on the outside?
All 4 balljoints rubber boots are gone. The front for now seems solid, has some left and right movement on one wheel but assuming Tie rod connection worn. I am rather unsure how to check the back so I let the wheel hang and tested with no movment. Then I jacked it by the control arm and there was noticeable movement for both wheels. I do not hear any banking or clanking going over bumps but
If I have an angle where the right wear has to ajdust outward, there is like a pop coming from it, and only when the terrian is at a steeper grade.
The front is moaning a lot, the back I don't hear anything. other then the premention popping above. None of the shocks or struts seem to be leaking even after all these years. but the springs have got to be worn.
If I am stationary the suspention is soft, easy to push and move. However driving it seems to do fine, well composed and doesn't have issues. It still actively tries to keep the car level especially the front
When going up a steep grade at around 45 or less and still locked in OD, there is a terrible rattle coming from somewhere in the engine bay, but nothing external is loose and the exaust is secure. It has been getting worse over time and I have checked the fluids. Its starting to make its way into lower gears as well and noticable if I get the engine to about 2600+
Also the entire AC would probably need to be replace. Hasn't work in over 4-5 years and I am getting older and want AC when its 95+ outside (thanks Florida)
Also the 6 CD changer also stopped working years ago, so been with radio only (or tape.....)
I guess my question is, is the work worth it. The engine seems to run fine, always had a funky idle issue that comes and goes for no reason (would fill like it was missing or out of time slightly). Its never stalled or over-heated and has had good oil (mid-grade). The trans is also good, 1st and 2nd can be funky at time, but it always shifts and never hesitates.
However the driver side is worn, steering wheel is bad, door pads, buttons. The body is starting to get sunburned all the way around, and its been used for anything from hauling fencing panels, to animals, to people, and trips.
How reliable would it be if I did the repairs. I have the AX4N trans, but still i have read that they can fail for no reason. The car rarely ever sees more then 3500 RPM, (it seems to kinda just give up at that and shifts so maybe CATs are also gone) but it has taken off from redlights and some more spirited driving.

SO what I am asking, is that even though I dearly love this car, would it be worth it, or looking for a new car to enjoy. This thing has been a tank, gone off road, long trips, bumped into by other cars, avoided more collisions then I wish to remember, and has been there for me.
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