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As I said, I know this has been posted a lot, BUT...I actually want to do it, even though it will be "more trouble than it is worth."

Does anyone know what all actually would be involved in chaning to digital climate control in a 2001? I've had it in my other cars and I love it...I think its a really great feature.

I'm thinking about getting the head unit with the controls and it's a really great deal for it considering what they charge @ Ford. So, whats involved? would I be able to figure it out from the ford shop CD?


I'd say a lot of stuff. Possibly all ducts which have the actuators to change direction of the air. Obviously all the electronics. I believe the blower motors may be different as the auto climate control motor has more variable speeds. Dont know if on the gen4, but the gen3 climate control has a connection to the pcm, so u may have to replace that too. You will need the outdoor sensors as well as the sun sensor. This is the stuff off the top of my head. Pretty much, find a donor car at a junk yard which has everything.

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to clear a few things up-motors are the same, ducts and actuators are the same....and you dont "need" the sunload sensor. I believe the only diffrence is the blower motor housing because the auto climate control has a negitive pressure port on it for the interior temp sensor.

If anyone has any further questions, lemme know

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