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I bought two OEM speakers from a JY so I would not have to use my
working speakers.

Remember to note on the harness end of the connection (still attached to the car) which wire is positive and which is negative so you will know how to hook up your new speaker properly. You can use the wiring diagram in the link below to determine this by wire color.


The OEM speaker harness connectors are mounted on the speaker by slipping them over a rib on the back of the speaker, so I used a medium sized flat head screwdriver and gently pried up on them to release them from the speaker.


After it is loose you can lift it away from the speaker and de-solder the existing connections.


This is what you will have


I carefully bent the two connectors straight because the shrink-wrap will not make the turn to cover the entire connector with the bend in them. I used a pair of pliers and straightened them below the lower notch, be careful not to break them.

I did not want to use any vinyl tape but I ended up having to after the 90 degree turn. The shrink-wrap would not slide around the turn and the entire connector needs to be insulated to eliminate the possibility of any shorting.

Then I soldered about 4 inches of regular speaker wire onto the connections (I used 18 gauge).


Then I attached 2 standard female speaker connectors on the other end of the speaker wire.


I could have shrink-wrapped or taped the entire length of the speaker wires to make it look more professional, but no one be will seeing them so I didn't bother to.

Now you can plug in a standard speaker and not have to cut off the end of your existing speaker harness.


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