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Originally posted by Firescooby@Jan 19 2004, 08:43 PM
Fixing to do some maint on my wife's 2000 Taurus. It has the 12 valve Vulcan and has about 66k miles.

I had the tranny flushed with about 40k miles, but they didnt replace filter. Plan on doing that.

1) Should I go ahead and replace plug wires now or wait?
2) How hard is it to change the plugs? Did a search and always came back no matches.

3) How hard is it to replace fuel filter?

Car now has a little "lope" in idle some times. Acts as though it may die, but when you give it gas it quits. Very intermittent. No CE codes.

Any information would be appreciated.

To turn the pump back on, just push it down to the position it was originally in.

And youre all set.

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