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Like whoa, I recently went to my local dealer where i purchased my wheels to get a few PCV valves, and out of curiousity I picked up their "maintenance menu pricing" guide.

I crapped myself when I saw what they charged for 60K mile service.

Get a load of this: 60 K service, $349.95 (before taxes and other charges!)

What it entails:

-auto trans service (drop the pan, change filter, refill)
-emission maintenance (change fuel, air, and pcv filter)
-cooling system (drain and fill coolant)
-rotate tires
-oil & filter change
-top off p/s fluid, washer fluid
-Lube latches, hinges, and chassis (of course most of us have sealed bearings!)
-check tire pressure
-visually inspect battery, brakes, suspension, engine compartment, exhaust
-check for outstanding recalls

Yup, about 350 bucks for all of the above, and that DOESNT include changing plugs! if you want that, add 89.95 for a 6 cylinder, plus 30 bucks if you have a duratec (platinum plugs).

Can you believe that crap??

THATS why NOT doing your own maintenance = :ripped:
Glad I do mine


All dealers are like that. I've seen the same bs at toyota, nissan, etc dealers. It amazes me how many people actually fall for this stuff. I can't believe they dont even flush the ps fluid. If you are not a diy, best thing to do is build a relationship with a good mechanic. I had a tune up last summer which involved removing the upper intake, etc. My mechanic also did a free eec test, found an electrolysis problem, and checked a lot of stuff for me.

Originally posted by davesbedroom@Feb 11 2004, 08:44 PM
what is a electrolysis problem?
It is when there is too much current running through the coolant (most likely from a missing ground) in search of a ground. This will oxidize your engine, eat up your radiator and heater core, and break down your coolant if left untreated. Ford probably forgot to put a ground or something when they replaced my engine, but the problem went away after another dealer replaced the trans.
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