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I bought these two items from Rockauto.com two years ago when my '96 Duratec was misfiring badly, a big mistake troubleshooting like that as it turned out to a bad wire that was improperly replaced by myself. Anyways, I've been sitting on these since then and have been shuffling them around my garage since I moved here last year. I ended up installing them both and removing them in favor of the stock units, time in car was a few days. The MAF is an A1 cardone reman unit that lists for $86.89, the sticker is peeling off but is otherwise fine. The coil pack does not have a part number on it but is for the DIS DOHC Duratec motor and lists for something like $80. The ECU connector shroud was chipped by my friend last week, that is what reminded me to sell them.

I used to post on TCCA but my account was deleted, so I would like to try and establish some credibility as this is my first post with the new username and that can be suspicious. I most regularly post on northwestnissans.com as thinkmonkey also and most of the local Seattle guys can vouch for me. My ebay account is echostudios and you can even see that I tried to sell these last year, also my feedback is 100%. If you would like to purchase either of these guys you can call me at 425-825-0745 or e-mail me at [email protected], just so you know I'm not trying to con anyone.

Basically all I'm asking is $50 for either the Maf or the CP, $90 for the pair. Might as well throw in FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states as long as it isn't too outrageous. I'll guarantee them to function properly, just ship'm back and I'll try it on my car to check. Thanks, feel free to contact me.

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