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Ok, I know I keep asking about this but, when I went to the J/Y I pulled 3 RCU's from higher up tauruses, and one I pulled out of a car that said MACH on the tweeter protectors, while the other cars, were missing the tweeter things. On two of the RCU's it had a little sticker that said JBL, on the other one, there was no sticker. Two of the RCU's had surface rust, so I didn't buy them, I bought the one that didn't say JBL. And the one I bought came out of a car with the missing tweeter protectors. My question, is do the MACH and JBL RCU look alike? or are they totally different in shape? I also want to know about the sub, if I go back to the J/Y and buy it, will it still work if I have a MACH RCU?

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