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Lowering Springs

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Where can i find springs to lower my 1999 taurus SE. i'm looking to drop it
at least 3-4 inches in the front and 2-3 in the back. Since they dont make any bodykits for my taurus and i've been unable to locate any dealers with parts to fit my car. please help
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welcome to the club!

as for lowering springs, i dont think there are any that lower that far.

you may want to do a search on the boards when you have a question as most questions have been answered many times. Look in the suspension fourms, there was a link to some cheap eibachs.

there are many places around that sell lowering springs such as procarparts on ebay.

look around youll find them.

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thanks, buddy. I'm new around here so i'm just looking for new things
i can do to my car.

There are no springs that lower the Taurus that far. Eibach's lower the car about 1.2-1.5". I've seen custom made coilovers for older Taurii. The same idea could be used on the newer ones. Or look into to bags for a drop that low. Got to have $$$.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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