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Lowering Springs Cause Brake Failure?

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Hey guys, I installed Eibachs and KYBs in the 98 Sable, now I see the ABS warning light on. I was wondering if this was cause of the lower. Cause of the Hight Sensoning Porportioning Valve?? Let me know, thanks guys
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You probably just damaged one of the sensors or one of the sensors' wires during the installs.
I never had a problem with the ABS after lowering my car. Check to make sure you did not damage any sensors or rings.
I now know what it is... The Axle isn't in all the way. So the WSS doesn't recognize the sprocket, cause it's about 1/4" away from it! DOH!!! The car drives and everything, it's cool... it just needs the impact's touch to it. and it should be fine. Well Im taking to my work tomorrow and see if they can help me. Well, thanks for the replies
Don't drive it if the axle nut is not tight enough!! You will damage your wheel bearings.
So anyway... I drove it to work right, and the impact did a wonder. It's cool now, ABS Light is off and my hypothesis was correct! HA HA HA!! Sable is as good as day one!
Where are the pics?
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