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Low Coolant Light 99 Duratec

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Yes, I've read the posts on the site regarding these "Low Coolant" idiot lights, but either there was no difinitive answer for a 99 duratec (Taurus), or the best descriptions applied to very different cars (early SHO).

Like many other descriptions, my light may stay off for 15 or 20 miles of in town and highway driving, then pop on either for no apparent reason, or frequently in response to accelerating away from an intersection.

Oh, believing the light initially, I've over filled the reservoir. I bought the car with 59K, and I've not changed the anti-freeze. Perhaps it was changed previously, perhaps not. It's full though, and circulating too, as there is plenty of hot fluid in the tank when the engine is warm.

I drive 50 miles one way at highway speeds to work every day, so it's not sludge build-up due to putting around in town. You know, I actually have no idea where the sensor is located. I expect that it is in the reservoir, but I see no sensor around the sides or top, nor do I see any wires heading underneath.

Dirty sensor? Dirty contacts? Malfunctioning sensor? Ideas?
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the sensor in the tank has failed...some say you can find just the sensor....i have yet to find a ford dealership or anyone for that matter that has just the sensor and not the whole tank. The tanks are about $80. I happen to have one thats only got a few thousand miles if you are intrested.

If you don't mind going without the low coolant warning sensor, just unplugging the
electrical connector from the bottom of the coolant tank will disable the sensor and prevent
the false warnings.
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