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it started awhile ago...kinda been ignoring it.....just havent had time to worry about it

used to only happen when i would brake HARD....there would be a large CLANK. then when i started moving again there would be a CLUNK

its coming from the passenger side of the vehicle, from the front end.

It has progressively gotten worse. Now going into reverse can cause the CLANK, going into drive will make a CLUNK.

Someone has told me sounds like it could be a ball joint.

Any other ideas? Any way to know for sure?

thanks a bunch


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Hey Puv.

Sounds to me like you have motor mount issues. The forward and rear mounts are both on the passenger side, and shifting from reverse to drive will cause a clunk if your mounts are shot, as will hard braking, and acceleration. Do this as a test...

Open the hood and start the engine. With your foot firmly on the brake, peer between the hood and the cowl and look at the top of the engine, and shift into reverse and then drive, all while observing the engine. If the clunk is accompanied by significant engine movement (more than 3/4" in either direction), then it's game over for your motor mounts. Replacing them will alleviate this issue.

Let us know how this turns out.

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