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Loosing Over Drive.

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My car has started to loose overdrive i think. It does this odd thing sometimes when im crusing on the hiway at about 60 when it starts going in and out of overdrive and after a while i think it stays out of it. I cant recreate the problem, it seems to happen randomly, happened 3 times now. I'm sure loosing a gear is not a good thing, might be a sign of trannys upcoming death? It shifts ok otherwise , not that great does the long ford granny shiftls like it always did and acts crappy when its cold. car has about 165k miles on it its a 94gl with a vulcan and its an ax4s tranny.

So what you guys think? some stupid little solenoid issue or tranny is dropping dead? The fluid is nice and clean and synthetic i changed it every year which was about 10- 15k miles apart . I'm not going to invest gobs of money in this car honostly we all know its cheaper to buy a new taurus or something similar.

So what do you guys think?
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I think it would just sense the engine load on the hill and downshift. Then, it might upshift when the load decreases (hill gets flatter, etc.) and so on. Never heard of it happening at 60mph though. :headscratch:
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