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Anyone here actually know what the dealer purpose for this cone was? the only thing I can think is that drawing vapor through a restrictive orifice will cause a drop in temperature on the suction side.... but what do i know? That's why I'm asking you guys! Feels like she pulls better when passing on the highway after removal, with no other noticed differences... though there were a lot of air flow disturbances with it gone, I'll get at it with the dremel so the inside surface is smooth, and the mounting flange for that piece will get out of the way....

Thanks guys,
It's been fun outrunning local ricers and diesels that think they're all big and bad. I mean really, who looks at a stock sable and "I have to race that guy to make myself feel better about my new fart can" Wish I knew what they were thinking as I look over and roll my eyes at them grabbing gears, looking unimpressed as I blast on up the highway... lol
She's not my old GS stage II, but for what she is, she's a nice little car.
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