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Looking For Deals On Subs

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So my brother wants to put subs in his car. Right now, he has an 800 watt 4 channel amp. He's looking to buy subs/box/another amp if necessary. I have been unsuccessful looking for good deals on ebay and the internet. What have you guys ran across? I'm partial to JL and Kicker.....but anything that sounds good will suffice.
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I have heard nothing but great things about Elemental Designs. They are not a household name, so if you are looking for something everyone recognizes, it may not be right for ya. But I have heard great things, they are just awesome for sound quality. If thats what your brother is looking for anyway, if he is looking for SPL then they are not really good for that. But check them out...


The K series is good for dual sub ported applications, and it's fairly cheap, and the Kx series is untouchable for the money (2 for ~$135). The high excursion A series is awesome also, but expect to pay a premium $280 for a 12"...if they are as good as they say they are, it might be worth it. I will be trying these when I get subs.
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