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Like A Really Bad Turbo Lag

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Lately my car has been acting funny, and it seems to be getting worse. When the car is first started and is cold, i rarely have this problem. It seems to propagate as the car warms up. When i am sitting at a light, i will start to accelerate, the car will act like it is going to go, but then will drop into this loagy/half horsepower kinda thing. Sometimes if i let my foot off the gas and wait a second, it will accelerate normally. Othertimes if im sitting at a light i will put it into neutral and it will rev really high, then i drop it into drive and it stalls, after i start it it usually "has all the power". Lately its been driving at this low power mode more than the "regular" mode. I have been checking the vacuum connections and didnt see anything. I played around with the hoses to see if i could get something to happen. Oh yeah, it also has a good idle when cold, but when it warms up, it will go back and forth between too high and almost stalling. The only thing i am not sure about is one tube coming out of the top of the EGR valve. I took it off when the car was running, and there was no change.... is that right? Looking in the little holes, i could only see a metal tube in the center... im not sure if thats normal or not. I know im kinda vague on that so ill try and post a pic. The reason i think it may have somehting to do with the EGR is it looks like it has never been replaced, and i remember seeing something about it when i was pulling engine codes.
*EDIT* when i was listening to it run, the only odd noise i could pick out was a ticking or metallic fluttering comeing from around the throttle body. not sure if thats normal or not


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I don't think you should have any vacuum at the EGR at idle.

What were the actual numbers of the codes you pulled?
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