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Lebra Front End Cover Or Spray Can?

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Michigan roads have been brutal to me this year. My front end of my Sable is getting all sorts of road rocks, dust and god knows what else pelting my front end. I have many little speckles all over the bumper cover. I just wondered what you guys think would be the best thing without repainting the whole thing (I don't have the $$$ right now for that).

I can put a Lebra on and be done with it. I always take them off during the winter time. They do a great job hiding everything and if more road s*** hits my front end, I would have some protection. $60 and I am done, but does it look rice?

I also found a place called Paintscratch.com that claims to make spray cans of my color. I can go over the bumper cover with that but what about the divits? This would be cheaper but do I trust these guys to get the paint color right?

What do you guys think?
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if you intend on getting it repainted later on, i'd say go for the bra. if you paint it, and get drips/runs in it, you are going to have to get those sanded out=more cash
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