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A bit of a long story, but here's all the details:
I ported and polished my MAF last fall. After doing this I disconnected the battery to reset the PCM. Afterwards, the car would idle incredibly rough at startup, but when it warmed up, it was fine. it would do this for a couple days, popup a MIL, and then run fine every startup afterwards. I just left the light on, because Autozone didn't have a reader for OBDII at the time, and didn't think much of it. Well, I ordered a chip from American MOtorsport a couple weeks ago, and when I talked to they guy, he said that a ported MAF will screw the computer up. So I went to a junkyard, bought a MAF off of a 96, switched out the actual sensors with the housings, and put the MAF in my car. Reset the computer, and it worked fine for a week - no codes, no rough idle, nothing. Put the chip and larger 19lb. injectors in on friday, and the old problem of rough idles has come back, along with the MIL. Went to Autozone today (they finally got an OBDII scanner in), and they pulled a lean condition, banks 1 and 2. So my question is: do I need to replace all four O2 sensors, only 2, or is there something else I'm missing.
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