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Leaking Windshield

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I was washing my car yesterday, and when I got in the car, I saw some water on the windshield that had run down it. I figured I just didn't dry the car completely, but sure enough, it was on the inside

Is there some sort of lifetime warranty on the windshield, and if not, what can I use to seal it up? I have some permatex and some caulking junk, but not sure if that's safe to use in the car. I think the water got into the small rain gulley inbetween the door and roof, and travelled down into the windshield area.
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"Lifetime Warranty"?? From FORD?? What are you smoking, anyway?

Some RTV, judiciously applied, might solve your problem. Is yours a Gen2? I've had trouble with the rubber molding around the inside edge of the door jamb coming loose, and causing a lot of wind noise. I think, in time, that piece shrinks and pulls away from where it's installed.
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