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Lamp Out Module

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I have a 1997 GL and was wondering if I have the lamp out module. If I dont, where would the module go and would it be prewired if it doesn't have it?
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I don't know if it does or not, but you can check if you do by removing one of the exterior light bulbs and see if the "Lights Out" light comes on.
unless your 97 was an early build, it most likley does not have it. It is not pre wired if you dont have it. If you did, the bulb in the dash would illuminate for a sec whent he car was started.

I have a 97 GL that was made in 12/96. Would I have the Lamp Out warning? and does it just light up for a sec? and will it only light up when both the bulbs are burnt out? I have a spoiler and tapped into the rear brake lights, so I don't know if I can test this out.

like i said, if you have it, it will illuminate for a sec when the car is turned on...like the abs and other lights.

If you have it, and any of the rear lamps burn out, it will illuminate. VERY few 97's have it, i actually have yet to see one.


PS...it was mostly an upperend car thing...like duratec and floor shift kinda cars.
I wonder how hard it would be to add to a car without it? I think it would be nearly impossible you would need a new gauge cluster and everything. the socket for the light is there, but the circuit board lacks the contacts for the indicator...IIRC
Hm... I have the cut-outs on my gauge thingy.. but ive never seen it light up when starting the car. And it hasnt lit up yet, and my reverse light is out. :p

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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