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Hi. I have a 1995 Taurus LX Wagon with the 3.8L (Green with Tan Leather and moonroof) and it came with a Key FOB for remote lock/unlock which works fine. My problem is I want to program an additional remote but I can't physically locate the connetor I need to "jump" to enable the car to go into programing mode.
I know where it's located on a sedan (back left side of the trunk behind the trunk liner) but it doesn't appear to be anywhere near that location on the wagon. I've pulled the spare tire out, checked all around that area (behind the sound deadening material, etc) but nothing. Does anyone know of a common location for this connector for the wagon bodystyle. I know the procedure is easy once you've completed the "jumper" but I can't do anything until I find the actual connector.
Any and all help is appreciated. This is the 3rd Taurus in my current car lineup but the 1st wagon, so some stuff is definitely new & different.
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