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K&n Cone Filter

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I have a '95 GL, and I was wondering if anyone has tried this. I want to take off the entire intake system (MAF towards airbox, all the way to the fender.) I would then put a 14 inch long k&n cone filter on the end of the MAF. Would this be at all bad for some computer in my car or something? I know there would be ungodly amounts of airflow, I just want to know if anything would break. Anyone have an idea?
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You would be sucking in massive amounts of hot engine bay air
I agree. That last thing you want to do is suck in hot air. Whatever you do, get air from outside the engine bay at least.
I'd make a heat shield, and I'd probably increase the size of the hole in the fender wall so that more of that air would go into the enginge bay. Or perhaps a functional hood scoop would remedy it.
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