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JVC Vs. Pioneer Head Units

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Okay so I was checking out a couple decks I can get from work at pretty decent prices. I have narrowed it down to a couple of them that I like. So like, give me your opinion on whether it rocks or sucks and gimme a reason other than "JVC BLOWZ LOLOLOLOL NINJA
" Personal experiences are welcome of course.

Note that these are not MP3 decks, I don't think the extra $$$ is worth it because I'll likely never use the mp3 functions anyway.

JVC KD-1150 CD Car Deck


# Of Pre-Out In Pairs 3
ATT/Mute Yes
Built-In Crossover No
EQ/DSP/Crossover 7-Band iEQ
Face Style Flip/Detachable
Included In Box Remote, Case
Intro Scan On CD Yes
Loudness/BBE/D-Bass No
Power/Max 50 Watts x 4
Pre-Out Voltage 4 V
Rotary Controls Yes
Size DIN
Sub Volume Control Yes
Switchable Illumination Yes

The pros, according to me: THREE PAIRS OF FOUR VOLT PREOUTS!!!!!!1111 with gold plated terminals... yes I plan on totally expanding this system hardcore, but for now I'm just gonna put a deck.

The cons according to me: Display is bright and active, lots of stuff happening on it, kinda distracting. Although you can dim it down and it is clean looking.

Okay now the second deck... the PIONEER unit:

Pioneer DEH-P3500
# Of Pre-Out In Pairs 2
# Of Tuner Presets 18 FM, 6 AM
Built-In Crossover Yes
CD Mute Circuit No
CD Text Capable (Deck &/or Chgr) Yes
Changer Control Yes
Clock Yes
D/A Converter Type 1-Bit
Intro Scan On CD No
Loudness/BBE/D-Bass Variable Control
Power/Max 200 Watts
Pre-Out Voltage 2.2 V
Rotary Controls Yes
Size DIN
Sub Volume Control Yes

The pros according to me: I've had good experiences with every Pioneer product I've ever owned. Never let me down. Also has a clean looking display free of annoying videos, but it is pretty goofy nonetheless.

The cons: Only two preouts, and they're only 2.2 volts, chances are one of them is a sub preout, which means I won't be able to fade if I use an external four channel amp. But what I might do anyway is just use a two channel for the fronts when I get some decent components down the road, and run the back off the deck. Also everyone and their mama has this deck.

Right now I am leaning towards the JVC because of the preouts. I have listened to both decks and I can't really tell a difference in output sound quality. They both sound great to me. I like the JVC because it's different, looks awesome and the controls are mint. The pioneer's controls look ugly as all Pioneer do (IMO) but it is built for putting out nice sound and seems more adjustable so it might be better in the long run for sound quality. I don't plan on going with a competition system or anything, just want something that sounds good.

For those who are wondering, it will be installed in the ashtray section much like spyguy's setup...may not be as clean but that's where it's going.

Edit: Added pics of decks.
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I voted for the Pioneer, but the JVC does has the preout advantage. I've been using Pioneer products for years and have never had a problem. The 2 or 3 JVC's I've used were kinda crappy.

If you looking to expand, check out the Pioneer Premier models. They usually have more preouts. eBay is a good place to find them cheap.
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