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Greetings all, you can probably tell by my screen name I'm not really into the Ford Taurus. However I do have one in my household and we're in need of a little assistance. My fiancee's father removed the ac compressor out of his 1992 Ford Taurus wagon. He then installed the ac compressor delete pulley from DORMAN. after fully recharging the battery he attempted to kick over the engine. It cranks but there seems to be something lacking because it won't start. If any of you kind individuals could point me in the direction of a online chilton's, haynes or factory manual that we can use to sort out this issue, or can offer any insight into this problem, I'd be extremely appreciative.

With respect,


P.S. as for you guys with the fast taurus's much respect.
I can tell these cars, like our rotaries, are not easy to work on. :notworthy:
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