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Today I installed some Infinity Reference 6x8/5x7 speakers all around - but I kept my mach tweeters. These speakers are 180 watt peak, 60 watts RMS - and they are being powered by my Pioneer head unit 50 watts peak, 22 watts RMS.

The mids and highs are pretty good. They are clearer than factory speakers, but not a HUGE difference since I had the mach system before and the tweeters did a good job with the highs already.

However there is no bass/punch at all. My factory speakers were able to punch decently and these infinity's are of much better quality (not made with a paper cone, etc.). It sounds like the bass is flat and "artificial". I didn't use the speaker connectors, but instead soldered the connections instead and am pretty sure that I got the polarities correct.

I tested each speaker with the fade/balance, and each speaker performs roughly the same with bass reproduction.

Is this an issue with the speakers needing breaking in (as I hope) for the woofer develop lows? Or is it a power issue - even though 22 watts provided plenty of punch with just the factory speakers?

Thanks for your help
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