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I ordered my 2003 Taurus SEL in Patriot Blue back on March 1st 2003. It took about 29 days for the factory to build it and ship it to my dealer. I took delivery of it on March 31st. I ponied up for the 100K warranty which ended up paying off big time.

Here is a short history of what repairs I have done to this car in the last 7 years and 5 months. Some of the costs I don't remember because they were covered under warranty. If it says "DIY" that means I just paid for parts and installed them myself.

I really couldn't be happier with this car. I did decide I don't like black leather and plan to try to go with tan or something different in the future. I love the sunroof and will never own another car that doesn't have one. I am planning to order a new Taurus SHO in the next few weeks, I will try to post pics when I take delivery.

Repairs since mile 3
  • 4500 mi Transaxle warning light replaced shift solenoids $0 warranty
  • 5000 mi Transaxle warning light replaced transmission $0 warranty
  • 73K wife hit a snow covered curb $425
  • 97K airbag warning light replaced passenger airbag and seat side impact bag($2300) $0 warranty
  • 125K four wheel brake job, and sway bar link $653
  • 168K replace torq converter seal and install 4 new tie rods since engine was out. $1050
  • 191K replace right front hub and lower ball joint $125 DIY
  • 197K replace thermostat $14 DIY
  • 200K replace water pump belt $8 DIY
I didn't include some of the regular maintenance items like tranny flush, and cooling system flush, and tires I can't remember when those were done. For oil changes I averaged every 6-7K miles.

Totals out of pocket repairs $2275.00
Average mile driver per month 2,380
Average gas mileage 25.4 mpg
Best gas mileage 28.5 mpg (going across IA with a huge tailwind)
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