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Hey y鈥檃ll just wanting to make my introduction to the page. Never knew about this page till I got a Taurus and it鈥檚 got more issues than Sports Illistrated 馃槀馃し. Found the site when I did some googling for the issues I鈥檓 having with the car and have been following along and I鈥檓 loving the different threads, it鈥檚 very helpful and so is the way y鈥檃ll explain in good detail with pics and links. I鈥檒l be posting a thread because I got some things I need answers to that I haven鈥檛 been able to find. Hope to see y鈥檃ll chime in on it and be able help me like y鈥檃ll have helped out others. Good day to y鈥檃ll.
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