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No. You'd need the 3.0 block out of a Ranger. Their vulcans have a different bolt pattern for the RWD bolt pattern.

A better RWD swap that I thought of, was to get a hold of the new 6F35 from a '09 Fusion or Taurus or whatever else it's in, get a computer from black-ridge.com, and rig it up for use. You'd still need a custom adapter plate to mount the 3.0, or find a way to rig up the 3.5 'tec that goes with it. Then block off the FWD outputs, mount a RWD transfer case, and run the driveshaft through the exhaust tunnel. Mount it up to a Mustang or Ranger driveshaft, or whatever else fits. Toyota? Doesn't matter.

Or don't block off the front outputs and have an AWD G1-4 taurus. This idea just saves you hacking up the firewall to mount a RWD transmission, and causing a ton of fabrication problems for the front, in addition to the ton of fabrication problems at the rear. Either way, you're looking at a ton of money & work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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