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Well, what the heck, might as well run for COTM again, haven't in a little while, so i guess now is as good a time as any! So, before I go dig up the same old pictures, and hopefully some new ones, I'll list my details.

The car, is a 1990 Crystal Metallic Blue, Sedan, model L.

Approximate mileage as of today, ~200k miles.



Custom intake manifold (built by jason king, one of few in use on a Taurus!)
60MM Mustang throttle body
Modified throttle bracketry, working TV cable,
customized cruise control bracket
relocated IAC sensor
CAI; yes, it is, large K&N filter placed outside of engine bay


16" Ultra Wheel Co. tuner rims


Infinity cabin speakers

3 1/2" in dash, additional ones in door
6 1/2" in door, additional set custom install
Pioneer 6x8 speakers in the rear deck
Rockford tweets above seatbelt anchor on door pillar, as well as above rear quarter window

2x 20a2 Rockford Punch amps (cabin)
1x 120.2 Rockford Punch amp (cabin)
1x40a2 Rockford Punch amp (subs)


Was running 4 JBL P1022's over the summer/fall but suffered amplifier failure;
Currently running 2 older 15" Clarions, off an 80 watt amp ftw!


Custom Alternator wiring,

Re-routed regulator wiring, removing external unit, upgraded alternator to 93 model, gaining 30amps or so charging capcity
"Big Three"
Interstate deep cycle battery, for the stereo


Canuck Motorsports front lowering springs, Intrax rear springs, KYB Gr-2's all around
Strut tab mod
rear strut tower brace

Now for some pics :)


MOD: this thread is not complete yet, i am aware of the guidelines.


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