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Rental Car for two years until purchased by my dad in 2010. He drove it for 5.5 years before handing her off to me. I have all repair records and reciepts from new. All repairs and maintenance was done at a shop or by mechanic friend while owned by my dad and rental company. All repairs done by me have been cheaply DIY slapped together as $$$ being my biggest obstacle

Some fixes while not mine:
-Tranny seal patched
-Power Steering pump replaced
-Struts and spring replaced twice (Front right a third)
-Front bumper replaced following a spin out into a tree last winter caused by a jeep side swiping me:(
-2 four-wheel alignments
-Brake rotors and pads replaced every 9-12months
-Calipers replaced every 2 years

Some fixes of mine:
•Edge of hood (sanded, primed, and painted)
•Driver side Rocker Panel (I pop riveted aluminum sheet metal and cut holes to put plastic skirt back on but skirt wouldn't fit so I left it off)
•Driver side Quarter Panel (same as Rocker panel except covered with body fill and painted black)
•Passenger side Quarter Panel (Fiber glassed and painted black)
•Other spots around car that I simply sanded, primed, and painted)

Some Mods:
-Debadged everything except Ford emblems
-Painted Ford emblems black
-Painted all chrome black (window trim, grill, Side fake intake trim thingies, fog light covers)
-Tinted taillights (3 Coats of VHT Nightshade)
-Removed air intake silencers (restriction)
-Cat-Back Straight pipe (what makes the car my pride and joy) I simply cut the muffler off with an angle grinder and the same with the resonator. Then welded in some exhaust pipe from Canadian Tire to replace the resonator.
-Blue LED light strip as DRLs
-OPT7 6000k HID headlights (only thing that cost any actual money on this car)
-Phillips LED license plate bulbs
-Removed sound deadening material and carpet from trunk to hear exhaust better
-Removed layer of firewall just because

Future Mods:
-1" wheel spacers
-Painting rims black
-2.5% window tint (to complete the completely murdered out look)
-Painting non-neccesary chrome part of headlight assembly black
-Working on my own lowered suspension system as of right now
-Removing all carpetting from trunk and sound deadening material from whole car

Some Issues:
-O2 sensor (causing 'check engine light')
-Springs and front struts are shot
-Bad 5th wheel alignment
-Tranmission leak
-Squeaky belts
-Steering rack leak
-A/C always blows extremely hot air on passenger side but the set temperature air on driver side

This is not a complete list and will add to it as well I will post pics once I shovel out my car and take some.
I will be able to start most of this work once it warms up (April-ish) hopefully.

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Hey welcome to the family! Looking forward to seeing some pics

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Here are some pics of her front and back. Then a pic of the end of my tailpipe and the last one is of the replacement pipe for my resonator delete. Also if you can see on the passenger side Quarter panel there is a dent from that Jeep that side swiped me last year.


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Blue LEDs in the front? If your laws are anything like those in the US, the only colors allowed on the front of any car except for police and emergency vehicles are white and amber.
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