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Well, after having my 04 bull for over 6 months, (and after i got hit in the front end by an idiot driver...) I decided to spice the taurus up a bit. I got a new bumper, painted it myself, and finally got it on the vihicle. I took some ideas that people had done and painted the bottom section black. But, I also went a step further, and painted the 2 side "pockets" black as well. And a fresh coat of black for the grill. I have to say I am quite pleased with the overall look of it so far.

After doing this, I got revved up and I am now modding a few other things on the car. Shes getting a 2-tone paint job in a few weeks. Like the car in my sig-pic. Merlot, and black. This weekend, I am removing the side-skirts, and painting them to match the black on the bumper and grill. I am also considering taking the headlight housings apart this weekend too if i have enough time.

Soo many things.... But only 1 step at a time.

I am at work right now, so when i get home I will post pics of the front end all painted up sexy. :rolleyes2:

Wish me luck on my next few projects.
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