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It's my birthday la la la la la. So what kinda Taurus Parts and memorabilia y'all sending me? Swift Kicks in the a** with TCCA Logo'd Shoes?
Hahahaha. Sorry just had to post something, seeing as I hadn't posted in awhile, and I thought something like this ought to be funny. Closer and closer until the time of my Bull's Ressurectoin is complete. Hey Dan if you get this. If you wanna convert one of your bulls to an MTX, lemme know soon as I'll hve donor parts to sell CHEAP. Which reminds me if anyone needs any First Gen Parts, LET ME KNOW ASAP. As I don't want to have the donor car sitting here for very long. There's some parts I'm gonna yank out of it besides the engine, but most of it should be fair game. Front drivers side fender is mine though since the one on the bull right now is tweaked. I'm probably grabbing the light lenses as well, but no guarantees. Grabbing the shifter and cables though probably but again no promises I'm keeping them, I might sell them if someone really needs them. TTYL Everyone.

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