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Its The 98 Duratec Sho

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Its the 98 Duratec SHO. hmmmm.....im guessing that its a duratec, yet in caps and exclamation points he claims that its a SHO, think i should tell him?

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ahh these people. heck its written on teh engine and the body of the car. its like your work at school almost, JUST READ THE DIRECTIONS, or in this case, READ THE MOTOR
Could sue them for false advertising.


Just opened up Ebaymotors' taurus section and i found this gem:
That is one NICE gen 2 LX, i wish i had the money for it
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its the cleanest g2 i think ive ever seen. what gets me is how that leather looks like its never been touched, there sint even a crack in it.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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