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So- 2000 Ford Taurus.

I just replaced my flasher module to fix the turn signal/e brake light issue- so I turn the car on, all is good, check all my blinkers/lights- then I turn on the A/C and the right blinker indicator (on my gauges) comes on, along with my e brake light. Now, from the outside it appears only the front turn signal is barely lit- rear is off.

I've checked my charge on the A/C- it was hella high(100+ psi), so i bled some out and refilled. When the A/C is on, the compressor kicks on and off, thus the system pressure goes up and back down. And it's not cooling to well.

Anyone else had something like this happen?

ps- GF just went to walmart, she said it died twice leaving there- she had to limp it back. So i went out and started it and all is well.....so wtf....it's going to FORD tomorrow- maybe i'll get some resolve.
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