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Application: 1998 Taurus SE , regular climate, with oem cd changer option

Hello all, I got a great deal on some alpine type r subs with amp and was wanting to install it as soon as possible, is it possible for me to hook these up to my stock head unit? If so, what would be the process...I'm going to get the schoshe adapter with a new cd player in a couple months but I'd like to get this installation and mounting out of the way anyway, while I'm quite sure there are no preamp outputs on the oem stereo (or atleast i think) was just curious of a way to hard wire it if possible and worth the time.
Thanks in advance!

Run a line output converter off the rear speakers. That should give you a preamp signal to send to the amp. If your amp accepts high level/speaker level inputs then you can connect the rear speaker wires directly.

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great post sunil, couldnt have said it better myself.

i would suggest using a 4 channel line out converter. you can get a cheap scosche one at walmart for $18 but it generates a bit of line noise, whether thats too much or not is your choice.

with 4 channels in you avoid having your bass get louder/quieter by fading from the front to the back or side to side.

If you wanna get a deck, just wait till you get that. Then you won't waste money on a line-level adapter.
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