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Hi my name’s Taylor, I own a 2008 “dusk gray” Ford Taurus SEL named ‘Jo Ann’. She has a 3.5L Duratec 6 with 263 horses under the hood, runs on the D3 platform joint developed with Volvo and an FWD drivetrain. Bought her used for just over 4k. She’s not perfect but she’s a better first car then I could have ever asked for, a safe one too, probably one of the safest cars on the road when it came out, thanks to the Volvo involvement. Plenty of power combined with the comfort and chrome to back it up inside and out. Just wish she got better mpg, about 19 city and 26 highway. I feel the 08 Taurus has somewhat been forgotten and neglected and isn’t a common sight on the roads today, but really Jo Ann is recession-era blue collar luxury at its finest and it makes me proud to own such a great part of American history.
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