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New member checking in here. I'm new to the Taurus platform but I've been into jeeps the last 5-6 years. After lifting my jeep and making it unfit for DD duty(13mpg doesn't get you very far) and had to get a new commuter and thats where my Taurus comes in.

I bought a 2003 Taurus SE last summer with a little over 16k on the clock. It was a older ladies car and she got to the point to where she could no longer drive and her son sold the car. I believe the car sat for a long period of time before they decided to sell it because of the layer of gunk on it. Here I am a year later and just rolled over 32K There is an intermittent vibration that has drove me to the point of lighting it on fire and pushing it off a cliff. Some days it doesn't vibrate at all and other days it'll vibrate my entire 30 minute commute. Then other days it'll vibrate on and off for a few minutes at a time. Sometimes the vibration is very minor and hardly noticeable and other days the steering wheel is moving back and forth almost and inch and bottles are turned over in the cup holder.

Here is a list of things that have been done/replaced over the last year:

-brand new set of tires
-the new Tires were re-balanced twice after being installed
-new pads and rotors
-lower ball joints

The thing that made the biggest difference was the ball joints. Before the car would vibrate when I pressed the breaks but braking was smooth after the lower ball joints were replaced. Everything else had no affect on the intermittent vibration.

I seem to be able to replicate the vibration by coasting for a few seconds and then hitting the gas again. It vibrates almost every time when entering the highway. The vibration does not seem to change based on speed or RPM. I've spent countless hours online looking for an answer and nothing seems like a common cause. Is there something that I didn't catch that I seem to be describing? I believe that whatever it is has to be related to sitting for so long. Or is there something common on this vehicle that wears out with such low miles that can be causing this?

Any ideas to narrow down my search for this phantom vibration. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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The grease inside the CV joints could eat the rubber boot after a some time has passed. I would look for cracks or tears on the boots of the CV joints.
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