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Finally fixed the humming noise with a new battery. Now a new issue has come up. It is another intermittent one and I can not intentionally duplicate it.
EDIT: Its a 2006 (Ford website says I have 4F50N Tranny) with 78,000 miles

Issue I'm having is a real hard 1-2 shift at low speeds with little pressure on the gas pedal(intermittently). Its almost like a surge. It doesn't seem to slip as my RPMs remain stable and the car does accelerate. It seems to happen after the car shifts into 2nd and I don't notice it after this or at highway speeds. I also haven't got the hard shift under moderate throttle. No CEL or anything and I did replace my TPS maybe 500 miles ago.

I did the fluid and filter 4 months ago(about 3,000 miles ago) and I think I may have over filled the fluid by a quart but it ran fine all this time and when I check the dipstick it is barely within limits, and other times a little over.

I did notice my speedometer at highway speed will "wobble" 1-3 MPH making me think its a VSS(or I guess an OSS), but it does function. A year ago I was having cruise control issues but it is working fine now. I read in the topic finder that a bad VSS(OSS) was showing most of my symptoms but I thought it would throw a code or the speedometer would not work at all.

It also seems to hang a little high on the RPMs when I let off the gas on the highway but it does come down when I hit the brakes.

I'm looking at buying an OSS and can not seem to find the one I need. Fordparts is still calling it a VSS(Part#9E731). Alldata says OSS(Part#1F1Z7M101AA), and RockAuto has it listed as just an electric speed sensor(Part#DY1210). Autozone, Advance and NAPA don't seem to have anything on their websites for VSS/OSS.

I'm going to redo the fluid and make sure I follow the procedure exactly but aside from that, any other ideas before I try to throw parts?
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