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Interior Light Problem Revisited - With A Twist

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I just purchased a 2002 Taurus. I have read multiple posts about the door latch switches sticking, causing the interior dome lamp to remain on with the door closed. My problem is a little different - my door ajar light stays on (on the dashboard), but my dome light does not work with the doors - it only works with the dashboard control. My car does not have the switch on the dome light to control the dome light behavior, either.

I have already soaked each of the door light switches with silicon spray, but the door ajar light remains on. Since the door ajar light is on, and the dome light does work, I am wondering if there is some sort of relay that the previous owner might have pulled to prevent the light from coming on with the doors. If there is one, where is it? I was going to buy a repair manual, but the 2002 model year is not covered yet.

Thank you!
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SORRY - I guess I just needed to let things soak overnight - everything works fine now! I do apologize. . .
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