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Hey guys. I had a question and I have looked through the forum with out much luck finding some info with my issue. I have a vacuum leak on a sensor on the back left side of my intake, But I have no idea what kind of sensor it is or what it is called, so I dont know how to find what gasket I need. The intake is the plastic/composite intake. The reason I know I need this gasket is because I just had the car in the shop for some maintenance and I wanted the mechanic to check out a issue I have been Having. When I start the car from a cold start it runs very rough and almost dies. When It is hot out side you can barely notice the problem, But when It is cold the issue becomes more of a issue the colder it gets. I was told this is caused by this gasket having a leak. Since this intake is composite when It warms up it expands and the gasket gets a good seal but when It is cold the intake reseeds and takes longer to warm up and to expand to get a good seal. which is a normal problem with this intake as I have been told. So I have replaced all the gaskets even though they wernt leaking just for safe measures but I am having trouble finding the part number/name of the one that is leaking.

I have attached a picture of the part Im talking about. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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