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Okay so I've got the upper intake off, and everything to take the lower intake off. It's a very interesting design. I only have the front valve cover off, and so far as far as I can tell, I can take the intake out by only removing the #4 rocker arm and push rod. Obviously it would be easier to clean the old gasket off If I took the other push rods out, but I've never done that before, so I'd rather not. I can remove the rocker arm and then just install it and re-torque it later right? These are hydraulic lifters so there is no need to adjusting them right? Maybe I should buy a manual? I am just looking for a little guidance here. I can probably do this without the help but I like to know ahead of time what I am getting myself into. Anyways, thanks in advance.

edit: never mind I got it. cool little intake design. if the gasket was leaking could that explain why my oil smells like gas?


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