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Insurance On A Sho

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How much more would Insurance be for a Gen 3 SHO than a Gen 3 Vulcan? My dad thinks it'd atleast double.
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From what I've heard from some of the SHO people here before, most insurance companies don't recognize the SHO as a performance vehicle, just a trim level and the insurance difference wasn't much of anything. Definitely need somebody to verify that, though.
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Im not sure about that. All i have had are Taurus's with my insurance company, and they have all said 1990 Ford Taurus

Until I got my insurance cards back in the mail from the office after insuring my SHO.

They came back 1989 Ford Taurus SHO
Oh and I cannot post as to whether or not my rate changed because the same time this happened my insurance was going down because a ticket fell of my record.
I can't say for sure, but our insurance company thought my brother's 4-cylinder Sunfire was a "sports car" because it only had 2 doors... whereas, as far as I know on my SHO, I don't pay a premium because of the model.

Although the guy who gave me the loan for it said "SHO... that's fast, isn't it?" to which I simply replied "oh, yeah..."

Try going to someplace online like Progressive or GEICO, put together quotes for two Tauruses, both of the same year, but make one a regular and one a SHO, see what the results are.
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im 19 and i pay 120 for my se and it would have been 260 for the sho (i was in the process of buying one untill i found out about the insurance.....then cancelled the deal)

hmmm 19.. when I was 19.. (back in india), all I had was a bicycle...
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