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Hello all!

I have searched the internet for this issue, but was unable to find a specific solution. It may be on this site, but I apologize ahead of time if I missed it through the search.

Recently purchased a 2003 Taurus SE Sedan and the dash/ Instrument panel lights went out. I downloaded the manual to check the fuse box. I checked #27 and #29 and the fuses are good. I didn't see any other fuse #'s that were relevant to the Instrument panel going out. (Did I miss It?)

One thing I did notice is if I open the door, the dome light doesn't go on, but if I push the dimmer switch all the way up it goes on. All gauges seem to work fine, Speedometer, RPM, Warning Engine Light (have a known scenario that needs to be addressed... (Oxygen Sensor))

So, I am wondering if its just a light lamp that may be out? Fuse I missed? Our so on?

The fact that the Instrument panel is out, and the dome light without enforcing it. I assume that it may be another fuse# or something further.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!



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#27: ABS, speed control, traction control......blender door
#29: cigar lighter
#11: right headlamp
#16: not used

according to '05 user manual.

#22: ....... cluster..........
#32: ..... cluster .......
#33: ..... cluster ......
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