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I need some help installing a Parrot bluetooth kit in my 2005 Taurus. Currently, the Parrot does not put any sound through the stereo or mute the radio when I try to play something on my phone. Basically, the stereo still works as if I haven't done anything to it.

My stereo has the integrated climate controls and I was unable to find the correct harness. I eventually just used a wiring diagram of the stereo to individually connect the wires as needed. I tapped the power/ground/ignition lines and interrupted the audio lines according to the Parrot installation guide. I am fairly confident that these lines are connected correctly because the Parrot device powers up/down and the audio from the factory stereo is being passed through the Parrot device.

The one wire from the Parrot device that I haven't connected is the "mute" line. I don't see an appropriate wire on the factory harness to connect this to.

I'd appreciate any help on what I am doing wrong in my installation.
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