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Installing Cd Changer In 98 Taurus Se

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Hi there!

I'm new to this forum... I drive a 98 Taurus SE (it's my third Taurus! My first was an '88, my second a '91).

I want to install the factory CD changer but I am a little confused. I checked the rear antenna wire in the trunk and there is also a 3 pin connector also hanging from there that appears to lead to the front. Is this the wire to hook a changer up to? If I buy a factory changer from a wrecker or e-bay, is this all I need to plug it in?

Any advice is appreciated!


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I have an 03 Taurus and I saw the 3pin connector when I hooked mine up. It has no use that I know of, probably for the power antenna. You will need to use the factory wire harness that should come separate from the unit. It took me 20 min to hook mine up.
Hey hey....

Thanks for the response!

Please excuse my ignorance (I'm a mechanical boob), but where does this factory wire harness hook into? I was under the impression that all I needed to do was plug in to some port thing in the trunk as everything was wired into the radio in the front...


I beleive that connector was used for the jbl sub in the 96 and 97.....not sure tho however if you install one its nice to tap into
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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