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Here's the deal. I have a 2003 SE with the factory AM/FM Cassette. I wanted a CD in Dash...I thought "no big deal, I have installed a dozen aftermarket radios in a dozen different GM cars." Piece of cake....even using a kit because of the Din size.
OK, I got a nice JVC CD Radio and a kit from Scosche for in-dash installation. Gee, no wonder the kit cost $60....the box must have weighed 5 pounds with all of the wiring included-it's a somewhat complex looking kit.

Reading the installation instructions it looks like they want you to run new wires to each speaker. Does that make sense? From what I can understand, you really don't have a full radio per se in your dash....the amp/receiver unit is in your trunk. This is why they give you enough anntena cable to make it from the back to the radio in the front. My instructions show that you have to run the wires and the cable by taking out the back seat bottom and the sill plates to get the wires under the carpet.

What an ordeal just to install a radio. This must be Ford's evil plan to make you purchase a CD player from them.

Anybody done this with this kind of a kit? I have to think that it has to be unnecessary to access each speaker (I am not changing the speakers). There will not be any extra amps or anything fancy....just wanna stick a JVC CD radio in place of my poor performing cassette radio.
Thanks is advance for any tips!!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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