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Inline Transmission Filter/trans Radiator

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I'm really thinking about doing this mod real quick, but I'd love some opinions first.

What is the best type/brand of inline transmission fluid filters? I'm looking for best filteration with the best flowrate, with easy of changeability important, but a distant third.

What is the best type/brand of transmission radiator? I'm not going for two-radiator method, I'd rather seperate it completely from the engine's coolant radiator. After looking around, would a unit that comes with a thermastat and fan for the radiator be useful for when the car is at slow speeds, or is that a scam?

Oh, I have a digital camera, know how to use it, and will document the process when I work on it.
I'll start on it ASAP, while I wait for Bob to PM me back on FSTB details.

-Nomadic Dragon

BTW, anyone else having trouble using anondamotorsports.com? I get the menu bar, but nothign in the main window, ever.
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Magnefine's online distributor

That's where I got my Magnefines, b/c it was the one that Magnefine's sales director told me about when I spoke with him on the phone. Later, I found out that Bulkpart.com has the filters a lot cheaper. Ah well, maybe I'll do better in another 12,381 miles when I'm due for another ATF change.

For the ATX cooler, I always recommend the B&M SuperCooler, or a similar stacked-plate design. I use the 19,000GVW SuperCooler. Run a search in the Archives, and you will find many in-depth discussions on exactly how to plumb up both the cooler and the filter.
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